These Cat Wine Glasses Are Ridiculously Expensive But We Love Them

Posted by Stacey Venzel
cat wine glasses
All images via Bradford Exchange

Kicking back with a glass of wine has never been this pawtastic.

They might cost you a month of car insurance, but they'll entertain your party guests to no end.

The January 16, 2017 issue of "Life & Style" showcases a collection of cat-lover paraphernalia, including a set of exquisite--and expensive--cat wine glasses.


At a combined payment of $119.92--that's $29.98 per glass--this fancy cat dishware can adorn your home cabinets. Winding down with a glass of wine has never been this purr-fect.

"Life & Style" describes this meow-rrific wine experience as putting "some kitty cat sass on your glass."


Maybe it's the 12-karat gold rims that rack up the price for this classy set. The purchase comes in a set of two, with two painted glasses in each. Each glass has a cat pun tagline to complete your evening ambience.

Unfortunately, you don't have the option to buy just one glass, and shipping will put you out $19.92.

But at least our lives are a little fuller knowing these exist. You can buy them here.

Would you buy these wine glasses? Let us know in the comments below!

All images via Bradford Exchange

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