These Bunny Bags Are the Best Way to Get Rid of House Clutter

Posted by Paige Cerulli
All images courtesy of Felissimo

If your house is feeling cluttered, these bunny bags can quickly have your home organized in true rabbit-lover style.

Do you struggle with excess clutter around your house? Wish you could make your house look neater, more put-together, and altogether cleaner? Do you create piles of things everywhere, then run out of places for the piles?

Now there's a solution: bunny bags.

rabbit 2

These bunny bags are possibly the cutest clutter concealer ever. They come in a variety of different bunny breeds and colors, and are all pretty darn adorable.

Simply place your clutter into the bags, tie them shut at the ears, and you have a 3-D rabbit ready to decorate your home. They even have printed tails!

rabbit 3

rabbit 4

These bags are made by the YOU+MORE! brand from Felissimo, a Japanese company. Each bag costs $26 to purchase, but they're worth it for the cuteness factor alone. Collect all four styles and use them throughout your home, or create a shelf of storage bunnies.

rabbit 5

rabbit 1

If you're searching for the perfect gift for a rabbit-loving friend, these bags might be it. Or use them to add some fun touches to the rooms where you keep your rabbits.

If you show rabbits, these bags would be a fun way to carry your supplies and are sure to get you noticed among other rabbit lovers.

rabbit 6 rabbit 7

Love these bunny bags? Ready to buy them? Then be sure to visit the Felissimo website.

All images courtesy of Felissimo.

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These Bunny Bags Are the Best Way to Get Rid of House Clutter