These Baby Bat Burritos Will Kill You with Cuteness

Posted by TF Oren

Prepare to squeal.

These tiny flying foxes all swaddled up will turn your insides to mush.

These babies were patients at the Australian Bat Clinic. They were orphaned when their mothers succumbed to extreme heat.

Fortunately, rescuers stepped in.

Australia's flying foxes are facing pressure from all sides. Habitat loss, negative public perception, and extreme weather all take a major toll on the colonies.


When a mother bat dies, her baby is often still attached, and without proper care, will also die. Fortunately, wildlife rescue organizations like the Australian Bat Clinic are there to intervene and save precious lives.

Entering rehabilitation can be incredibly stressful for a baby bat. Babies form strong bonds with their mothers and the sudden separation can be traumatic. That's why it's crucial that rehabilitators go to great lengths to make sure the babies are not just well fed, but also nurtured. Feeling safe in its new environment can make or break a fragile baby's future.

The rubber pacifiers you see in this video simulate the mother's nipple. The little blankets the bats are wrapped in serve much the same purpose as a human baby's swaddle does - to provide a feeling of security.

Click here to learn more about the Australian Bat Clinic's lifesaving work on behalf of Australia's bats and learn how you can help save more lives!

How adorable are these baby bat burritos?! Tell us what you think in the comments section below!

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These Baby Bat Burritos Will Kill You with Cuteness