These Animals Are Getting Ready for a Living Nativity Scene

Posted by Paige Cerulli

What do you get when you combine a camel, horses, donkeys, and ponies? A living nativity scene, right in your riding arena! 

Imagine opening up the door to your indoor riding arena and seeing the menagerie that is in this video. The scene is a bit chaotic, sure, but it's simultaneously epic. I mean, just look at this herd!

Donkeys, ponies, and horses, oh my! And let's not forget the camel - I mean, who could forget the camel? He steals the show. This awesome video captures animals who are apparently getting ready for the season of living nativity scenes.

But for one second, can we just draw your attention back to the camel? (Like you ever stopped looking at him.) Did you see those flying lead changes? They were absolutely perfect! I don't know about you, but he does better changes than my mare does.

While you might not have a camel on your property, this video is a perfect example of how important having a herd can be for horses, donkeys, and other equines that you have on your farm. Horses are herd animals, and they feel most secure when they're around other horses. They need companionship. Simply keeping your horse well-socialized can be an easy way to lower his stress.

But a herd has another important advantage: When horses are in a herd, they tend to be more active. Horses play, run, and move about more than they do when they're in a turnout alone. This increased activity can help to keep your horse's weight in check, while also improving his muscle strength and keeping him healthier on a whole.

So, while you may not have a camel to add to the mix for your own nativity scene, don't forget that your horse needs companionship and could very well benefit from being a member of a herd.

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These Animals Are Getting Ready for a Living Nativity Scene