These 15 Dogs Love Fall Leaves More Than Anything

Posted by Paige Cerulli

The fall brings with it cooler weather, fall leaves, and plenty of raking - and for dogs, that all means a seriously good time. 

Fall is here, which means the weather is getting cooler and the leaves are turning brilliant colors and falling off the trees. For many dogs, there's nothing better than helping their humans rake up the fall leaves. After all, they crinkle, they're excellent to chase, and they make a soft landing place when you dive bomb into them. What could be better?

For these fifteen dogs, fall leaves mean tons of fun. This video is a delightful look at these dogs' various playing styles, but they all have something in common: they are having an absolutely wonderful time.

Take a look!

So, in summary? Don't plan to have your dog in the yard if you want to make any progress with your leaf raking! These dogs take delight in quickly undoing all of the hard work their owners have done in raking the leaves into a pile. Still, it's worth it if your dog is happy, right?

One bit of advice - avoid using a leaf blower if your dog is in the yard "helping." Leaf blowers can toss up small sticks and other debris into the air, and your dog may get debris in his eyes. Even the dirt tossed up by a leaf blower can be enough to cause eye irritation, so save the leaf blowing for times when your dog is inside the house.

Have a great time working in the yard with your dog this fall!

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These 15 Dogs Love Fall Leaves More Than Anything