These 10 Photos Perfectly Capture the Horse-Human Bond


These 10 beautiful photos were taken at just the right time and capture the horse-human bond that means so much to so many equestrians. 

There's something amazing about the horse-human bond. Many equestrians are lucky enough to experience the magic behind this special relationship. Perhaps it's the fact that horses actually carry riders, and that we have to give over so much trust to them for that to be successful. Or maybe it's that horses have such a different mentality about them than cats are dogs do. Or maybe it's something that we can't explain at all.

If you spend time watching a horse and rider who have known each other for years, you're likely to catch a glimpse of it from time to time. It's in the way they communicate, in the way they spend time together doing nothing, and it's in their riding.

These 10 photos have captured that beautiful horse-human bond. Take a look.


1. Beautiful and relaxed. 

2. Those special moments. 

I wanted to wait until I?d ?landed? before I posted about the Noora Ehnqvist clinic last week. So here goes? From the moment Noora arrived you could feel her energy. Personally, my emotions were very raw when she arrived but excited about what was to come. And I wasn?t disappointed. Noora was able to offer a perfect balance between a spiritual connection to the horses and practical effortless horsemanship. She met each horse and owner combination where they were and offered each exactly what they needed. Spending time with my own herd when she arrived I was amazed watching the way she treated them with so much respect and love, dignity. My horses responded in ways I?ve never seen before that always hoped for. Before departing Thursday morning we spent some more time with 2 of my horses. Leon needing to learn to be respectful and soft, and ?Princess? Ella needing to learn to be more in her body. I felt a little like a baby elephant trying to re-create the beautiful dance with my horses Noora made look so effortless. I?ve felt a definite shift in me since then. I spent some time with my herd in the moonlight last night. I practiced focussing my energy and ?magnet? to get my mare Shayanna to follow me back to the shed. She did follow me. I trusted she would. And we stood in the moonlight together, while she was licking and yawning until Ella, the lead mare, came to see what was going on. As she headed back to the paddock she stopped at the gate and looked back at me. It felt like the beginning of something wonderful. So to answer those that ask ?What does Noora do anyway??. I still can?t answer that. Every horse was offered what they needed, every relationship was unique. She is clearly a very gifted talented horse woman, seeking respect and softness. She is a breath from the heavens. #sensitivehorse #horsehumanbond #horse #visitgippsland #horses #horsewomanship #equinebond #lovehorses #shaman #shamanwoman

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3. What a connection. 

4. A horsewoman in the making. 

5. Sometimes the little moments mean the most

6. Candids are the best. 

7. Too cute! 

8. A quiet moment. 

9. Beautiful. 

10. This says it all. 

This special connection isn't something that you can force or learn. It comes from a genuine love of horses, and often the desire to simply spend time around them.

Seeing these special moments captured in photos, it's no wonder that so many people work so hard to stay involved with horses.

What's one special memory that you shared with a horse? Tell us about it in the comments below! 

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