There's Now a Contemporary Art Exhibition Just for Dogs

Posted by Paige Cerulli

While you'll certainly be entertained by this new contemporary art exhibition, this particular exhibition is truly for the dogs.

You may have been to contemporary art exhibitions which featured dogs as the art's subjects, but now there is a contemporary art exhibition just for dogs. The exhibition was created by British artist Dominic Wilcox, and the project was commissioned by More Than, a UK car, pet, and home insurance company.

Wilcox created a variety of pieces, all designed to entertain dogs. There's a piece which simulates a dog's experience of riding in a car with the windows down, and there's a giant dog bowl filled with balls which resemble dog food.

Even paintings and other art are created with colors which are on the dog's color spectrum, so dogs can fully appreciate them. Dogs are able to move about and explore each piece, and Wilcox's exhibition is like a doggy wonderland. Take a look!

This contemporary art exhibition is part of More Than's PlayMore campaign. The PlayMore campaign encourages pet owners to spend more time playing with their pets, and to also find new ways to keep their pets happy and healthy.

Playtime is an essential aspect of your pet's emotional and physical health. Playing with your pet helps to satisfy his or her natural instincts, while also dispelling some excess energy. When your pet gets enough exercise, it's easy for him or her to behave around the house. Playtime also has important physical effects; it helps to keep your pet healthy, and can also reduce your pet's chances of becoming obese.

So, what are you waiting for? Go spend some quality time playing with your pet!

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There's Now a Contemporary Art Exhibition Just for Dogs