There's a New Dog Breed in Town, and It's Adorable

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Overloaded with curls, fluff, and personality, the Pumi is the newest dog breed you didn't know you needed.

The AKC officially recognized the Pumi as the 190th dog breed on June 29, 2016. As a medium-sized Hungarian herding breed dog, the Pumi is described by the AKC as being "energetic, lively, and ready to work."

They're full of fluff and spunk, and dog-lovers everywhere are ready to see more of the world's newest dog breed.

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The Pumi has been around since at least 1815, and they've been the most popular herding breed dog in Finland since 1972. But here in the states, it's been a long journey full of baby steps and paperwork to get this adorable dog breed officially recognized.

Back in 2007, it was decided they were allowed to compete in AKC herding events for suffix titles. Then in 2010, they were granted permission to compete as part of the miscellaneous class.

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Now, as of July 1, 2016, the Pumi has finally obtained its official status. You'll see them competing in dog competitions all across the country as part of the herding group.


The Hungarian Pumi Club of America describes the Pumi as,

" active dog, combining the biddability and intelligence of the herding dog along with the alertness and activity of a terrier."

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Like other herding breed dogs, they're happiest when they have an active job to do. That job could be herding an unruly flock of sheep, showing off their skills in a flyball competition, jogging alongside their owners, or chasing a tennis ball in the backyard.

When they're not working on expending mass amounts of energy, their personalities range from extreme cuddlebugs to the kind of dog that prefers personal space.

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Physical Appearance

The Pumi is a lively rockstar out on the competition field, but the dog also lives up to its adorable name with its whimsical expression, fluff-ball ears, and poodle-like fur. A Pumi's coat comes in colors including black, white, gray, and shades of fawn, and ranges from sleek waves to corkscrew-tight curls. They also sport long, skinny faces with semi-erect ears and dark-colored eyes.

Besides, the fluff, the best thing about a Pumi's coat is the fact it doesn't shed. They do need to be brushed at least once every other week, however, and it's recommended to invest in professional grooming to tame those lovely locks every three months.

#Pumi ‼️It circulates articles online right now, because Pumi has become a recognized breed out American Kennel Club. After that it existed in 300 years and tracked in a 100 years old stud book. I have been sent these articles because in many articles out of my pictures have been used .. In many cases, described the breed as fluffy / cute / curly / irresistible but !!unfortunately mentioned too infrequently breed's needs and character. I would rather describe it as a tireless, if you don't have task to your Pumi I can promise you that it will find on their own tasks, and then I can promise you they will not be that cute or fluffy. But when you have a good basis and adds time and activity to your Pumi you have a friend for life, more than happy to do everything with you! ❤️ A race of great character and infinite love when they get to work!‼️

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Pumis need active families that are committed to training and spending quality time with their dogs. They behave well with children as well as other dogs, and with the right kind of training they have potential to be anything from ranch hands to award-winning show dogs.

If it sounds like the Pumi would fit in with your two and four-legged family, visit or the Hungarian Pumi Club of America website to find out how to go about making a Pumi your newest bundle of fur.

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There's a New Dog Breed in Town, and It's Adorable