There's an Ice Cream Parlor in Mexico City Just for Dogs

Posted by Paige Cerulli
dog eating ice cream
Images via Don Paletto via Facebook

Dogs in Mexico will now have access to an extra special treat. An ice cream parlor just for dogs has opened up in Mexico City. 

Mauricio Montoya, who owns the Don Paletto ice cream parlor, has created a dog-friendly ice cream which includes natural yogurt and lactobacilli to promote good digestion in dogs.

Montoya notes that the ice cream's production was carefully monitored by veterinarians. As a result, harmful additives in standard ice cream which can make dogs sick have been removed from this special dog-safe ice cream. In fact, this ice cream contains no sugar, instead using fruits, carrots, and peanut butter to create flavor.

The parlor offers an ice cream menu with special flavors designed to appeal to dogs. Dogs and their owners can choose from flavors such as apple-cranberry, carrot-strawberry, and banana-peanut.

dog ice cream parlor

The ice cream serves as a fun treat for dogs, but there's another purpose behind the ice cream parlor's opening. Dogs can have a hard time coping with high temperatures, and they can also get dehydrated just like humans can. Dog-friendly ice cream can be a great way to help a dog cool off on a hot day, and its tempting flavors may encourage a dog to eat even when he's not feeling particularly thirsty.

dog eating ice cream

Want to learn more? Be sure to follow the Don Paletto Facebook page for fun updates about this unique ice cream parlor.

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Images via Don Paletto via Facebook

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