5 Apps You Can Download for Your Cats

Posted by Samantha Bubar

Game for cats? There's an app for that!

Most of us have plenty of apps downloaded on our cell phones and tablets. We have apps ranging from books to games, organization to music- but did you know there are apps for your cats?

There are a variety of pet-related apps on the market. There are apps to track your dog walks and notify you of medication and vet appointments, but there are also interactive games made specifically for your cats! If your feline is bored, try one of these games to stimulate their brains and keep them entertained.

I've put my trusty eight-week-old kitten, Duncan, to test out a few of the apps offered on Google Play. Here are his reviews! (Ratings are based on a four-star scale).

Friskie's CatFishing2 App

The Friskie's CatFishing2 app doesn't keep Duncan the kitten entertained for long. The fish start out moving fairly slow, and doesn't demand interaction for very long.

However, Duncan does love laying down and watching the fish swim around while listening to the relaxing bubble sounds. Then he purrs loudly.


When he does try to "catch" the fish, rather than tapping the screen which makes them flutter and disappear, he tries to scoop them from under the phone. This is a smart idea on his part, the fish must be underneath, but usually he just flips the phone over.

  • Google Play Rating: 3.9 stars
  • Duncan's Rating: 3

Cat Alone App

The Cat Alone app has a quite a few more options than the Friskies app (which just has fish). This app has a green laser, ladybugs, flies, a finger, butterflies, and beetles that squish and multiply. It also has vibrate options to change the type of interaction.


This app was more of a watch and purr app, rather than an interactive app. Duncan was highly entertained watching all the butterflies and bugs fly around the screen, but didn't try to go after them.

He did get a little crazy with the green bouncing laser light, but other than that, he was content to just observe.

  • Google Play Rating: 3.7 stars
  • Duncan's Rating: 3

Mouse App

The Mouse app wasn't super user friendly, but had controls for speed and size of the mouse. And the mice even squeak.


Duncan loved this one. While the loud, high pitched mouse squeaking was enough to drive me insane, it was easily his favorite feature. He proceeded to pounce on the little mouse frantically running all over my screen, and also tried to attack him via my phone case.

This app received the greatest response from Mr. Duncan.

  • Google Play Rating: 3.9 stars
  • Duncan's Rating: 4 stars

Free Game for Cats Paw Me App

The Free Game for Cats Paw Me app had a lot of options. You can control sound, speed, background, and difficulty as well as choose single player, cat vs. cat, human vs. cat, human vs. human, etc.


Duncan remained rather calm during this game, but very intently watched the screen and got a high score of 10. The first time he intently played to win, rather than his usual observe or attack mode. He really had a lot at stake on this one.

  • Google Play Rating: 4.0
  • Duncan's Rating: 4 stars

Friskie's JitterBug App

Similar to the fish app, Friskies JitterBug app features very large bugs that shoot stars when squished. Duncan preferred to watch this one, too.

He did get very wide-eyed when I squished the bugs and the stars fluttered around.


  • Google Play Rating: 3.8
  • Duncan's Rating: 3.5

Some of these apps we will definitely continue to play, while others may take a backseat.

You and your cats should try all the apps to see which one gets the best response from your furry friend! The apps I didn't think Duncan would love, he did and vice versa.

We live in a world where technology is engrained in our daily lives. We might as well let our feline friends join in on the fun!

All games mentioned can be found on Google Play and iTunes.

All photos via Samantha Bubar.

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5 Apps You Can Download for Your Cats