There's a New Sheriff in Town...Yoshi the Tortoise

Posted by TF Oren

Yoshi the tortoise has a zero tolerance policy for insubordination. 

His stature is the only thing small about him, because this territorial tortoise rules his household with an iron fist and a larger-than-life presence. Just ask the scaredy cats he lives with.

The possibility of a leisurely meal is off the table - no pun intended - for Yoshi's feline companions. At first glance, Yoshi's interest in the dining situation seems benign, but don't be fooled. This no-nonsense tortoise goes from zero to aggro in just seconds.

Watch as he nips and chases not just one, but both cats away from their food!

But just muscling them away from the chow isn't enough for the Yoshinator. Once he clears the feeding area, he follows in hot pursuit, nipping at the tail of a straggler.

He doesn't linger and bask in the glory of a job well done, though. No, not Yoshi. He sprints out of the kitchen at a speed that would put any hare to shame, because a boss's work is never done. Those cats are relaxing somewhere else in the house and that just won't do.

Maybe, just maybe, the cats will eventually learn that there's only one way to eat in Yoshi's house: at warp speed, and with your back to the wall.

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There's a New Sheriff in Town...Yoshi the Tortoise