List of Barns Able to Take in Horses Displaced from Hurricane Harvey

Posted by Allie Layos
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These barns are willing to take in horses displaced during Hurricane Harvey. 

Dogs and cats aren't the only pets affected by natural disasters -- many horses have been displaced during Hurricane Harvey as well, and are finding themselves in need of shelter.

However, when it comes to overnight accommodations, it's much easier to house a dog or a cat for a few days than it is a horse. That's why someone started a Google Doc aimed at collecting the names and contact information of barn owners willing and able to house horses in need of help.

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The document, titled, "List of available stalls for Harvey's evacuees." was six pages long as of August 30. It lists the name of the facility, the name of its owner, the number of available stalls and a contact phone number.

Screenshot of Google Doc

Since Google Docs can be set to "public," the document can be edited by anyone. It provides a quick and easy way for barn owners to let equestrians in need know that they are willing and able to help.


Horse people have a reputation for being big-hearted, and are known for stepping up to help each other in times of need. The devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey is a perfect example of that willing spirit; the document continues to be shared throughout equestrian circles and continues to grow.

It can be accessed here.

And here is a list of resources that will directly help horses in need during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey: How to Help Horses in Hurricane Harvey.

Have you ever had to organize something like this? Share your tips in the comments below!

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List of Barns Able to Take in Horses Displaced from Hurricane Harvey