Live Stream of Fainting Goats During Eclipse Proved (Not) a Lot

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What happens to fainting goats during a total eclipse? The Washington Post wanted to find out. 

Monday August 21 was a big day for people all across the United States, as it was the date of the total solar eclipse, a rare occasion when the moon passes between the sun and Earth, obscuring the view of the sun.

People all across the country had questions about the event. Where should they go to witness the event? What were the right safety glasses to buy? But for the Washington Post, there was one question more important than the others -- what would a herd of fainting goats do during the Great American Eclipse when the sky turned suddenly dark?

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A Washington Post reporter visited Fern Hill Fainters Myotonic Goats in Cross Plains, Tennessee, in the path of totality, to find out. The occasion was appropriately called "Goatality."

Check out the video of the live stream below to see what happened.

Goatality: Watch the eclipse with fainting goats

What happens when fainting goats experience a solar eclipse? We visited Fern Hill Fainters Myotonic Goats in Cross Plains, Tennessee, to see if the flock would be startled by a total solar eclipse.

Posted by Washington Post on Monday, August 21, 2017

While the goats don't faint during the two minutes of total eclipse, they did get more still during the event. Well, except for that one greedy brown goat that continued trying to steal animal crackers.

An entire herd of fainting goats simultaneously falling to the ground would have been extremely entertaining, but have no fear. There are many other places to watch goats faint.

In the mean time, rest easy knowing that if these goats weren't frightened by the eclipse, it's probably safe to say that your pets weren't either.

How did your animals react to the eclipse? Share your stories in the comments below.

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Live Stream of Fainting Goats During Eclipse Proved (Not) a Lot