Joyous Kids: There Is Nothing Happier Than Baby Goats

Posted by Allie Layos

And watching them jump for joy will make you happier, too.

Goats have gained increasing popularity in recent years, and it's not really a surprise. They are inquisitive, Houdini-like escape artists with a penchant for trouble and cuter than your newborn nephew with their distinctive almond-shaped eyes.

And, maybe best of all, they are always happy. Don't believe it? Just take a look at these baby pygmy goats leaping for joy.

Why are they leaping? No one knows. Maybe they just found some tasty maple leaves or won a head-butting contest. Perhaps they just figured out how their legs work.

Or maybe goat kids don't need a special reason to be so happy and they simply are.

How great would the world be if we were all a little more like cute baby goats?

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Joyous Kids: There Is Nothing Happier Than Baby Goats