There Are Still Plenty of #DogMysteries Waiting to Be Solved...

Posted by Tori Holmes
College of entries for the #DogMysteries Instagram contest

We had such a great time looking through all the entries for the Dognition and Embark Vet #DogMysteries contest, we wanted to share a few of the entries that had us in stitches.

After looking through these photos and videos, we began to seriously question why we keep hanging out with such weird creatures. I guess that's the great thing about dogs, though - it's their little quirks that make them so fun to be around!

1. Jordy and her rather uncomfortable looking seating position.

Jordy Mystery Number 2! Why do I sit like this... Mom says it's called the Cobra Pose.. but I'm not that in to yoga so I don't know what she's talking about! Recently Jordy has been sitting so oddly!! This picture isn't even as weird as normal! Usually she sits in the normal "frog legs" style, but with her upper body off of the ground like a normal sit. It. Is. So. Weird!!! Maybe she's just getting her stretch on, but I'll never understand this silly girl! This is my entry for the #DogMysteries contest hosted by @pupsonpar @ipartywithbrucewayne @mydogstink and others! - - Collar by @doggiestylish - - ?10% @pawsupwear - JORDY ?15% @badtags ( - JORDY ?15% @thehausofklaus - JORDY15 ?20% @innersparklepets - JORDY

A photo posted by Female Brindle Pocket Staffy (@jordyonpoint) on

2. Basil and her obsession with human ears.

Cheese! ? . This is our entry for #DogMysteries hosted by @pupsonpar @maska_the_husky @ipartywithbrucewayne Basil's mystery behavior is how much she LOVES human ears. She has learned that every human has two and she must lick both, a LOT! It's especially fun for her if the human is wearing earrings! It doesn't help that a dog licking ears is very ticklish thing! We have always wondered why she's done this! Any ideas?! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #BasilAndElla #dogsofstpete #pupsinstpete #dogsofinstagram #puppiesofinstagram #ilovemydog #dog_features #petoftheday #dogoftheday #sisters #postyourpooch #instamutt #adventurewithdogs #purefloridapup #dtsp #thepupcollection #instadog #muttsofinstagram #ilovemymutt #muttsfordays #buzzfeedanimals #puppygram #mixedbreed #igrsstpete #dogfeatures #doglove #doglife #makemedapper #sirdexters500

A photo posted by Basil And Ella (@basilandella) on

3. Archer and his finicky prey drive.

Errrmagherrd..beŕrrbbbles! ? .. This is my entry for the #dogmysteries contest hosted by @dognition @embarkvet and @pupsonpar . Why does my dog's prey drive vary? Some times he will want to chase anything that moves..but other times he couldn't care less, even if he isn't tired. Bonus question: why does he like to howl when we howl?? .. This is my second entry to @choc.cream_dachshunds #iamacrazypooch4kcomp ? .. #germanshepherd #germanshepherdsofinstagram #gsdloversofinsta #gsdlover #gsdstagram #collarbuddies #gsdofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #puppylove #dogphotography #germanshepherddog #gsdofigworld #instadog #instagsd #puppystagram #gsdofig #puppygram #gsd #gsdpuppy #adelaide #dogsofaustralia #aussiedogsrule #sendadogphoto #puppysketch #puppytrip #dog_features #excellent_puppies

A photo posted by @archer.the.gsd on

4. Sparky and love of exploration.

Missing New Hampshire tonight ? . This is my entry for the #DogMysteries contest hosted by @ipartywithbrucewayne @pupsonpar @maska_the_husky. This little guy is a big dog in a small body ?? Sparky isn't your typical Chihuahua, braving it on the trails as if he were 5 times his size. He's definitely happiest outdoors (although he never turns down a cuddle opportunity) How was I so lucky to get such a tiny big adventurer?? Where does his huge adventuring spirit come from? ? . This is my entry for the #ReadyForWinterContest hosted by @dogsthathike @hurttanorthamerica @keencanada. This will be our first winter together in Connecticut, and we definitely don't want the cold to stop our adventures! Will you help us be prepared for winter snow fun? 🙂 . . . #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram #chihuahuasofinstagram #smile #like #happy #chihuahua #puppiesofinstagram #dogsandpals #bestwoof #sendadogphoto #instalike #instagood #love #dogs_of_world #thestatelyhound #topdogphoto #dog_features #animalsco #petco #fall #hurtta @hurttanorthamerica #newhampshire #hikingwithdogs #puppiesxdogs #sniffandbarkens

A photo posted by Sparky ? and Elizabeth ?? (@sparkythechimix) on

5. Brie and her extra toes

6. Charlie and his innate ability to guide his blind brother.

This is my entry for the #DogMysteries contest hosted by @toby_littledude @mydogstink and @winnie_therapydog. 〰〰〰 I want to know why do I know my brother is (mostly) blind and needs my guidance to get around? ?? My brother @piratedoghenry has glaucoma and is losing his vision, so I was adopted a month ago to help serve as his "seeing eye dog," as it were. ? While our parents hoped we would form this relationship eventually, I took to guiding him immediately, without any training or encouragement. ❤❤ And my brother happily lets me take the lead. He's a shy dog, but my presence has helped him become more confident around new dogs and people. ? But don't be fooled, Henry has made it clear he's in charge at home. ? 〰〰〰 #questionoftheday #whydoi #cutedog #dogquestion #blinddog #dogswithglaucoma #guidedog #adogandhisdog #dogbrothers #letmetakethelead #seattledogs #blackandwhite #bwphoto #chiweenie #cutechiweenie

A photo posted by Captain Charles Vane ??? (@piratedogcharlie) on

7. Stella and her one-woman band.

8. Dumplings and her fear of rain, but love of water.

9. Buddy's uncontrollable urge to lick their (human) mother to near-death.

Why oh why must I continue to lick my (human) mother to death? That is the question. I don't know why I can't stop coming back for more. Is it the scrumptious taste? Reminiscent of a lovely pork chop I had once that fell on the floor. Is it a nervous habit....stemming from the daily stress of wondering when the food bowl will be refilled? Is it my way to feel close to her? Perhaps I'll never know. . I've attempted to stop. Many times. I've tried meditation, L.A. (Licker's Anonymous), even hypnotism but to no avail. The allure of my human popsicle keeps drawing me back. My siren song. Alas. . This is my entry for #dogmysteries hosted by @pupsonpar @maska_the_husky @ipartywithbrucewayne @mydogstink @toby_littledude @winnie_therapydog with vendor hosts @embarkvet and @dognition ?.

A photo posted by Olive & Buddy (@justlikebuddyollie) on

10. Jolie and her never-ending quest for mud.

All this stress calls for a mud bath!!!! ??? #fml #igiveup #election2016 ?❤️ . This is my entry for the #dogmysteries contest hosted by @maska_the_husky @pupsonpar @ipartywithbrucewayne @toby_littledude @mydogstink @winnie_therapydog . It is such a mystery to me why Jolie loves mud SO MUCH!! I wonder what is going on in her mind when she launches herself into every single mud puddle she sees? It can be the driest of days and she will seek and find that disgusting smelly mud pit....and there always seems to be at least one that she finds with her super mud radar ? . Thankfully she is wearing her @waterpooch waterproof, stink-proof collar! I think we need to design a waterproof suit for her! Use JOLIE to get 10% off your order.

A video posted by Jolie ? Happiest Golden Girl ? (@joliegoldenretriever) on

We hope that all of these pups are one day able to solve their #DogMysteries, but in the meantime, we'll just sit back and enjoy hearing about all of their hilarious antics!

Thanks again to everyone who entered the #DogMysteries Instagram contest. I know I speak for both Dognition, Embark Vet, and everyone at Wide Open Pets when I say that we absolutely loved looking through your entries.

Never change, pups!

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There Are Still Plenty of #DogMysteries Waiting to Be Solved...