Therapy Dogs Visit Southern California Firefighter Camp to Boost Morale

Posted by Jason Sarna
firefighter and therapy dog

After losing one of their brothers in the Thomas Fire, these firefighters needed some extra love.

That love came in the form of some therapy dogs.

According to KSBY, the dogs, who typically visit hospitals, were sent to Lake Cachuma base camp. The base camp is where San Diego firefighter Cory Iverson was based at when he lost his life battling the Thomas Fire.

The firefighters were thrilled to see a furry friend and take a break from fighting the flames.

Diane Rima with Alliance of Therapy Dogs said:

"I heard from so many of them, 'ugh, I miss my dog back home.'"

Most of the firefighters spent the holiday at the base camp. Christmas decorations were brought in to make their stay a bit more festive.

Chantel Herrick with the U.S. Forest Service said:

"So we have Christmas trees up, we have a snowman, (and) we have Christmas lights."

Considered to be "California's largest recorded wildfire," the Thomas Fire finally seems to be winding down; however, firefighters are still working to contain the flames 100%.


If you would like to donate to the GoFundMe campaign supporting Iverson's wife and two daughters, click here.

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