Therapy Dogs Helped in Tough Scenes of Netflix's "13 Reasons Why"

Posted by Paige Cerulli
13 Reasons Why

Therapy dogs helped the actors of "13 Reasons Why" cope with the heavy material that the show covered. 

The new Netflix show "13 Reasons Why" deals with heavy issues, including suicide, bullying, and rape. Acting out some of the events and situations depicted in the show took an emotional toll on the actors, so therapy dogs were on set to help.

Dylan Minnette, who played Clay, told PopSugar:

"They had therapy dogs on set. There was a puppy per hour. They really tried to help out. The puppies helped."

Katherine Langford, who plays Hannah, had the brunt of the difficult acting. She was involved in some of the most dramatic scenes, and the entire show revolves around her character's emotional state and ultimate suicide.


Langford described how emotionally challenging her role was:

"We always read a new script at a table read, and once we hit episode nine, there was silence. That's when we realized what we were doing was important. That's the moment that's kind of ingrained in my head as, 'This is really important.' We cover so many intense issues. I also want to reiterate how much support was there for me. When I was shooting with Justin Prentice, who plays Bryce, there's a scene we do in episode 12 which is physically hard to do, just as a human being. I feel like so much of Hannah's life, especially the last five episodes, is so tragic that you just have to put that shock aside and get through it. It's only been after the show and after wrapping that I've gone, wow, we really did handle some really heavy stuff. I'm really proud of how we handle it, because as you said we don't shy away from them."

Therapy dogs can help to bring comfort and relief to people in any number of situations. They can help people recover from emotional distress and trauma, as they did with the actors here, but they're also great at bringing comfort and socialization to people in other environments, such as those in nursing homes or people in hospitals.

Helping the cast of "13 Reasons Why" is just one of the ways that therapy dogs put their versatile talents to use.

Have you watched the series? Tell s what you think in the comments below. 

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Therapy Dogs Helped in Tough Scenes of Netflix's "13 Reasons Why"