Therapy Dogs Help University of Houston Students De-Stress During Finals

Posted by TF Oren
therapy dog at University of Houston

Spending time with a dog is some of the best therapy available, no matter what ails you.

The University of Houston is capitalizing on dogs' abilities to help their students de-stress by including therapy dogs in its "stress-free finals activities."

Pet therapy organization Faithful Paws has made therapy dogs available students on the UH campus. All week, students have been using their well-deserved study breaks to stroke, snuggle, and take selfies with the therapy dogs.

Kristi Rodriguez of Faithful Paws thinks the dogs tug at the heartstrings, and that's why they're so effective.

"I don't know. I think it's just an emotional thing. People love to feel that cuddly animal. It's an unconditional love," she says.

And the students seem to agree.

"Personally, as a dog lover, I love all dogs, so this seems like the best way to get people not to be stressful during finals week," says UH student Taylor Oliphant.

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