The Story of the Little Texas Dog Who Needs Major Reconstructive Surgery

Posted by Amber King
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Austin Dog Rescue, a generous foster family, and an entire community are working hard to save an innocent life.

A dog named Lil' Kim ended up at Lockhart Animal Shelter in Texas when her owner didn't want her anymore. She was skinny, scared, and smelled horribly. It wasn't the normal smell of a neglected dog, and rescuers knew there was something medically wrong.

Posted by Austin Dog Rescue on Thursday, November 16, 2017

Lockhart Animal Shelter didn't have the resources to give the frail dog what she needed, so a foster from Austin Dog Rescue stepped up to take her in. The foster assumed the rancid smell was due to a mouth infection, and she took the small dog to the vet right away.

That initial predication of there being an infection was correct, but no one was prepared for just how bad the situation was. The vet found the inside of Lil' Kim's mouth was literally rotting away. They suspect she either bit an electric fence or was bitten by a brown recluse spider. Regardless of how it happened, the veterinarian knew the little dog would have a long journey if she was to ever recover.


Posted by Austin Dog Rescue on Thursday, November 16, 2017

The first step in the recovery process was emergency surgery to remove the dead and rotting flesh and stop it from spreading. The surgery was a success, but it left Lil' Kim with a large hole on the side of her face. Cutting away the infected flesh was necessary to save the dog's life, but her troubles aren't over.

Austin Dog Rescue is planning several more surgeries to reconstruct Lil' Kim's face. A second surgery successfully closed 80% of the hole, and another procedure is scheduled in two weeks. For now, the already malnourished dog is having trouble keeping food in her mouth. Shelter resources are, as always, stretched thin, and it's estimated her medical needs will cost at least $3,000.

Austin Dog Rescue wrote on Facebook,

"We are asking once again for the support of our amazing community. This little girl is the gentlest soul and deserves a chance to live. She is very small and weak from neglect. We cannot imagine the amount of pain she was in and do not know how long it went on. If you can donate we appreciate it so much as does Lil' Kim. She could also use prayers, healing thoughts, and shares to get her story out."

Visit their website to show your support and help Lil' Kim move on to a better life.

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The Story of the Little Texas Dog Who Needs Major Reconstructive Surgery