Faux Paw: Sunny the Golden Retriever and His Incredible Prosthetic Leg

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When Sunny the Golden Retriever had to have his paw amputated due to a tumor, an old Nike shoe and some duct tape helped to create a faux paw.

Meet Sunny, a ten-year-old Golden Retriever. Sunny had to have his paw removed because of a tumor that was growing. Without his left front paw, Sunny lacked balance and stability, and he limped a bit as he moved. So, Sunny was equipped with a prosthetic - a faux paw (pun fully intended).

The problem was, Sunny was a little too interested in his faux paw, and he decided to do some styling of his own. Sunny chewed off the Velcro straps and pretty much destroyed the paw. Prosthetics are expensive, so Sunny's owner got creative and found a way to make the paw work. Take a look at this cool video!

So, what do you think? Should Sunny be sponsored by Nike? While his new faux paw may look a little funny, it definitely does its job. Sunny seems very comfortable with it, and it looks like he's back to enjoying the things that he loves, like playing in the snow.

Dogs can be incredibly resilient, even when they're faced with serious health challenges. Dogs who have limbs amputated can often continue on just fine, quickly adjusting to the lack of the limb. Wheelchairs are also popular options for dogs who are losing use of their hind legs, allowing the dogs mobility without having to drag their legs around.

In Sunny's case, a prosthetic paw was definitely the answer. He can move about freely and independently, allowing him to continue enjoying his life even without his front left paw.

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Faux Paw: Sunny the Golden Retriever and His Incredible Prosthetic Leg