Tiny Companion: The Story of Bowie the Wonder Horse

Posted by Allie Layos

This persistent pony named Bowie proves that challenges were made to be overcome.

When Bowie the Miniature Horse was orphaned at just six weeks old, animal lover Amy took the tiny horse home as a companion animal.

She was prepared for the challenge of bottle feeding a foal, but it turned out that Bowie was content eating regular food like an adult horse. However, there was an even greater challenge ahead.


Though Bowie weighed just 48 pounds when she brought him home, Amy had every expectation that he would grow to be a normal-sized Miniature Horse, but it quickly became apparent that her new friend had signs of equine dwarfism, and that his legs were growing in a deformed way.

Amy, who had worked as a vet assistant for nine years, took the tiny horse to the University of Melbourne Equine Hospital for help. For weeks Bowie was treated by specialist farrier Dr. Luke Wells-Smith and equine medicine specialist Dr. Charlie El-hage. He needed corrective shoes, but since he was too small for anything heavier, tiny glue-on shoes had to be made from thin chopping board.


Thanks to his corrective shoes, Bowie's legs slowly began to improve, but the process wasn't easy for the horse. Correcting the angle of his legs put a great deal of stress on his muscles.

"Janine from Muscles & More was a great assistance in helping relieve the stress on the poor little man's muscles that were all changing to suit the angles of his legs," Amy said on Bowie's website. 

Throughout this process, Bowie traveled to and from work with Amy every day, for close monitoring of his legs, but it was all worth it because the treatment was a success.


At 11 months old, Bowie is now 23 inches tall and weighs 83 pounds. What's more, he is straight-legged and happy. He even has his own Facebook page, and participates in community service.

"He is now one happy extremely loved pony that's giving something back," Amy wrote.

All images via Bowie the Wonder Horse/Facebook.

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Tiny Companion: The Story of Bowie the Wonder Horse