The Squat Your Dog Challenge Will Make You Actually Want to Work Out

Posted by Amber King
Featured Image Source: Facebook/ VitusVet and Dana McElligott

Forget CrossFit, this Internet challenge is going to be your favorite way to workout.

The world already knows that dog owners are a breed of their own, and the recent social media trend called the Squat Your Dog Challenge is an example of their creative ingenuity. Dog owners have managed to turn working out into the best part of the day.

Completing the challenge is simple. All you need is your phone and a willing canine participant. Instagram and Facebook are flooded with pictures and videos of people hoisting their pups into their arms or onto their shoulders to serve as extra weight for the dreaded squat exercise.

The bigger the pup, the better the workout!

#SquatYourDogChallenge not so easy with this dude?

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The key to the perfect dog squat is safety for both you and your pooch. Don't try to lift your dog if they don't want you to. If they're uncomfortable, they could try to jump from your arms mid squat.

Landing the wrong way will hurt both them and you. Basically, the same rules apply to the Squat Your Dog Challenge as a regular workout. Never push yourself past your limit, and it's always safest to have a spotter.

The key is having the right technique.

Usually the human bro is squatting 400lbs at the gym but today it's 55lbs of GSP! ?️‍♀️???

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It even works with group workouts.

7 dogs simultaneously doing the #squatyourdogchallenge! #keendoglifestyle #squatyourdog @krayerin @phill_meetsworld

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The advanced version is the double doggie squat.

It's not as easy as it looks.

#squatyourdogchallenge #squatyourdog ? #брюсонька ? #tyumen_by_jules

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As long as your dog is up for the task and you squat safely, there's no reason why you and your dog can't be the best workout partners.

Have you tried the Squat Your Dog Challenge? Let us know in the comments.

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The Squat Your Dog Challenge Will Make You Actually Want to Work Out