The Pool Skamper Ramp Will Keep Your Pets Safe All Summer Long

Posted by Ashley McElmurry
skamper ramp

When the steps are a bit scary, your furry babies can use the super Skamper Ramp.

Oftentimes our pets are terrified of the steps they must take to enter the pool. Other times, they are so brave that they just jump right in. But, do they always know how to get out?

Whether your pet is afraid of the steps or never knows how to get out of the pool, this Skamper Ramp is going to help them out while giving animal lovers peace of mind. The ramp allows your pet to practice water safety. They can ease into the pool for entry and gently climb out when they're all done.

This plastic ramp is great for ensuring that your pet, large dog or small dog, can get in and out of the pool and it's only $85.41 for a larger ramp and $40.78 for the regular size.

Skamper Ramp
pool ramp

This animal rescue device is also not exclusive to pets. Wild animals can use this as well as your pets to avoid an accidental drowning. For pet owners, If your pet falls in but doesn't know where to go, you can train them to use this amazing ramp. All you have to do is secure the ramp to the side of your pool with the included rope, d-ring clips, and nylon washers and you're all set up.

This white, lightweight, and ribbed dog pool ramp is designed so it's visible and easy to use for any size animal and it's chemical-resistant. (Although salt water pools are best for your pooch!) When not in use, or while you're cleaning the pool, just toss the ramp over the edge without having to untie it.

This safety ramp is so simple to use and could make your pet's life so much easier while also avoiding water entrapment and fatal drowning scenarios.

I mean c'mon, do they really HAVE to take the stairs?

If you know your pet could use a pet product like this, tell us in the comments below!

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The Pool Skamper Ramp Will Keep Your Pets Safe All Summer Long