The Secret Life of Goldfish


The goldfish is the most popular aquarium fish. Goldfish come in all shapes, sizes and colors. We've probably all had one--or a few--at some point or another. And for many of us, a goldfish was our very first pet!

These fish are common in America. You can easily get these pet fish at a pet store and many people keep them in fishbowls.

But how much do you really know about caring for these small fish? Here are some interesting goldfish facts about America's third most popular household pet.

1. All types of goldfish are the same species.

There are hundreds of different varieties of goldfish around the world, but all of them descended from a species of East Asian wild carp, Carassius auratus gibelio. Today, you'll find varieties and goldfish breeds like lionhead, bubble eye goldfish, veiltail, fancy goldfish, common goldfish and fantail fish. These special breeds are the result of selective breeding.

2. It's a myth that goldfish have a three-second memory.

Scientific studies have revealed that goldfish actually have a memory span of three to five months.

3. Goldfish are hypersensitive to overfeeding because they do not have a stomach.

They have only an intestinal tract. Ingesting excessive amounts of protein can be lethal to a goldfish. Instead, stick to a quality fish food and only feed the recommended amounts, no more.


4. A group of goldfish is called a "troubling."

5. The average lifespan of a goldfish is 5-10 years.

With the right care, pet goldfish live for years. But these fish need more than a small fish bowl. A large tank or outdoor pond with clean water at an appropriate temperature goes a long way toward keeping goldfish healthy. The oldest goldfish on record lived to be over 40 years old!

6. Goldfish thrive in light environments.

In fact, they require light to produce the pigment that gives them their beautiful colorations.

7. Goldfish have been popular pets for some 2,000 years.

The ancient Chinese were the first to keep them as pets. They weren't introduced to North America until the mid-1800s.


8. Goldfish can distinguish between different faces.

They can also distinguish between different shapes, sounds and colors.

9. Goldfish are omnivores.

10. Goldfish don't have tongues, but they do have taste buds on their lips and inside their mouths.

Anyone who's ever had one knows that a cheerful little goldfish makes a wonderful addition to any household.

If you're thinking about adding a goldfish or two to the family, be sure to read up on proper care and feeding first.

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