Adorable Technology: Sashimi the Hedgehog's Paw Print Can Unlock an iPhone

Posted by Tori Holmes
Hedgehog unlocking iphone with paw

Think your fingerprint is the safest thing to open your phone? Think again.

Meet Sashimi, the African Pygmy Hedgehog from Hong Kong. When spending time with her owner, some of their favorite activities include enjoy hedgehog-sized snacks, exploring the great outdoors, donning tiny hats, and playing with the newest forms of technology.

Wait, what? How on earth can a hedgehog use human-sized technology? As it turns out, some items are easily modified to fit our prickly friend's pint-sized dimensions.

Take the iPhone for example:

Using her tiny five-toed front paw, Sashimi is able to use the iPhone's finger print scanners as a hedgehog-sized palm scammer. With this, she is able to unlock her owner's iPhone whenever necessary.

If you ask us, this is a pretty secure (and adorable) way to lock your phone! Now the question still does Sashimi carry the phone around?

I guess we'll have to wait for a follow-up video for that mystery to be solved!

You can follow Sashimi on Instagram and Facebook.

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