The Queen Adds Another Adorable Corgi to Her Pack

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Queen Elizabeth
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The royal family has grown by one more adorable canine.

After vowing four years ago to not get any more dogs, Queen Elizabeth simply couldn't resist adding one more pup into her pack. The Queen has reportedly welcomed a Corgi named Whisper into the royal palace.

Whisper belonged to Bill Fenwick, an ex-Sandringham gamekeeper. When Fenwick passed away earlier this year, the Queen wanted to help his family and started taking Whisper out on walks. Fenwick's wife, Nancy, had been the Keeper of the Queen's Corgis before she died two years ago, and now it seems the monarch is returning the favor.

Good Morning 🙂

Posted by Queen Elizabeth on Wednesday, December 14, 2016

At 91 years old, the Queen wasn't planning on taking in anymore dogs and was worried about possibly tripping and falling over one of her short-legged companions. She also worried about her beloved pets not having anyone to take care of them if her health suddenly failed. But despite these concerns, she couldn't help but fall in love with Whisper.

The nine-year-old Corgi was bred by the Queen and given to the Fenwicks as a gift. She recently asked the extended family who had been caring for Whisper if she could welcome the dog permanently into her brood.

Queen Elizabeth is an animal lover <3 ,and there's no doubt about that. - The Royal UK

Posted by Queen Elizabeth on Thursday, April 20, 2017

Whisper will now join the Queen's other three dogs that live at Buckingham Palace, a Corgi named Willow and two dorgis (Corgi/Dachshund mixes) named Vulcan and Candy. The famous pack of little dogs is part of the Queen's legacy as an all-around animal lover. Ever since she was young, the royal has always been seen with dogs.

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The next time you feel like giving into the temptation of getting another dog, remember that if the Queen of England can't resist a furry face, why should you?

What do you think of the Queen's new dog? Let us know in the comments below. 

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The Queen Adds Another Adorable Corgi to Her Pack