The Pusheen Pet Collection of Your Dreams Is Actually Here

Posted by Ashley McElmurry
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How did we live life before this moment?

As if the Internet couldn't bring us enough joy with the Pusheen cat, Petco has done us one even better. Starting now, you can shop the online exclusive Pusheen Pet Collection and bring the lovable Pusheen comic home for your cats to love and adore as much as you do.

From a perfectly printed Pusheen blanket to a collar that just won't quit, the items from the Pusheen collection are going to have your cat meowing, "why can't I have a slice of pizza, too?"

The Pusheen pet collection will be available in stores in August, however you can shop the collection right now though Now, what are you waiting for? There's a whole new world of  Pusheen stuff out there. Get shopping!

1. Pusheen Pizza Stainless Steel Cat Bowl

I could definitely enjoy a bowl of cereal out of this. Or I guess my cat could have it.

Get it now for just $12.99.

2. Pusheen Donut Cat Teaser Toy

After your cat plays with this for a bit, they'll understand how we feel when we crave that morning donut.

Get this treat for your cat for just $9.99.

3. Pusheen Round Cat Scratcher with Ball Toys

Keep your kitty entertained with this scratcher and toy combination set for just $24.99.

4. Pusheen Donut Cat Collar

Do they make human chokers similar to this collar?

Get your cat in the sweet festivities with this collar for just $11.99.

5. Pusheen Plush Cat Bed

pusheen cat bedIf only they made this bigger. Say, human sized?

Your cat will be lounging in this for days and it's just $24.99.

6. Pusheen Fast Food Ceramic Cat Bowl

This bowl sure does make a burger and fry combo look nice.

Splurge on this bowl for just $14.99.

7. Pusheen Ball with Bell Cat Toy

They may keep you at night but your cats will love playing with these toys and they're just $9.99.

8. Pusheen Cuddling Cat Bed

Comfort is key when it comes to the lazy Pusheen.

This bed says it all and it's just $29.99.

9. Pusheen Printed Pet Blanket in White

pusheenAgain, why can't this be big enough for, I don't know, me?

Your cat will adore (stomp all over) this cozy blanket and it's only $12.99.

Bring the Pusheen Pet Collection to your home and prepare to get all the snuggles in the world!

Are you loving this Pusheen collection? Tell us in the comments below. 

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The Pusheen Pet Collection of Your Dreams Is Actually Here