The Poodle with Border Collie Dreams

Posted by TF Oren

They say attitude is everything. 

That's certainly the case for this Poodle who thinks he's a Border Collie. Thanks to this guy, curly and apricot is the new black and white.

There's some barking, a few haphazard circles, and a cow who's equal parts amused and confused. Back and forth, round and round, this plucky little Poodle isn't giving up.

It takes a little doing, but eventually the cow is convinced it's time to move.

Clearly proud of a job well done, the poodle races triumphantly back toward the camera. Props, pal. Way to go!

He may not know exactly what he's doing, but if confidence and conviction count for anything, this herding Poodle is scoring points right and left. After all, if you sell it convincingly, people will buy just about anything.

If a Poodle can play Border Collie, who knows what's next? Pugs as pointers? Retrieving Greyhounds?  All bets are off.

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The Poodle with Border Collie Dreams