The Pebby Smart Ball Allows You to Actually Play with Your Pet Remotely

Posted by Allie Layos
Dog with Pebby

You can lock your doors and turn your lights on and of remotely, why not use the new Pebby smart ball to play with your pet remotely, too?

If you hate having to halt your pet's playtime because of everyday commitments like work and errands, then the new Pebby dog toy may be the answer.

Advertised as "the most advanced smart ball," this special toy has been featured on TechCrunch, Yahoo, MSN, TrendHunter, and more because it allows you to play and interact with your pet anytime, anywhere through the use of a smartphone app.



The Pebby is WiFi-enabled, and offers two-way communication so you can hear your pet, and your pet can also hear you. It also offers bark/nudge notifications that let you know your pet is itching to play, even when you have to leave the house.

The smart ball comes with a wide-angle HD camera, a built-in laser (so it's fun for cats as well!), and night vision so that play doesn't have to end when the sun goes down. Though you can control the Pebby from its app (which also tracks your pet's activity), it also offers an auto-play function, in case you don't have time to play personally, but still want your pet to enjoy the experience.

Built with thick, shatter-proof PolyCarbonate casing, the Pebby is made of tough material so your pet can't break it. It's also waterproof, and safe even if it gets bounced or knocked into your pet's water bowl.

Girl using Pebby

The battery life is designed to last for a full 12-hour day, but it also comes with a charging dock, so if the battery does run low, you can drive the ball into the dock, charge, and then resume play, all remotely. You can even purchase interchangeable caps for your Pebby in different colors and designs to suit your pet's personality.

Sounds great, right? Of course, the Pebby pet ball isn't quite on the market yet. Its Kickstarter campaign ended on April 6, and the company is aiming to deliver the product to backers throughout July and August. However, you can still pre-order the Pebby on Indiegogo.

Will you be pre-ordering a Pebby for the special pet in your life? Tell us below!

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The Pebby Smart Ball Allows You to Actually Play with Your Pet Remotely