The Most Brilliant Method to Get a Chicken out of a Tree

Posted by Allie Layos
chicken in a tree

Cats aren't the only pets that get stuck in trees; chickens can too.

Domesticated chickens are interesting birds. Though they have wings, they're generally not great at flying, instead clucking about the yard with their classic chicken strut. However, while flying isn't their forte, some are proficient enough to get themselves into a little trouble.

These birds, described as "flighty," can muster up enough flight power to get over a fence, or even into a tree to roost. So what do you do if they can't get back down?

According to YouTuber Dan, who runs the YouTube channel Plant Abundance, it's a common problem, and one chickens have more often as they age. Staring up at a chicken who has gotten herself into what seems like an impossible situation is never fun, but if you don't want to scare her out of the tree or climb it yourself, there is another solution that is both simple and humane.

Check out his video to learn what it takes.

Thanks to this simple trick, your hens can spend their time roosting in trees, safe from predators, without getting stuck there.

And instead of spending your time worrying about how to get them down, you can spend your time simply enjoying your flock.

Have you ever had a chicken get stuck in a tree? Tell us how you handled it in the comments below.

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The Most Brilliant Method to Get a Chicken out of a Tree