Mimosa Jump-Off: Have You Ever Tried to Drink a Mimosa While Jumping Your Horse?

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Looking for the perfect way to have a little extra fun during a horse show? Then the Mimosa Jump-Off might be for you. 

Horse shows are challenging. And stressful. And sometimes it's easy to lose sight of the fun of riding in the face of competition. That's why we need fun, refreshing classes like the Mimosa Jump-Off. You see, this jumping course is unlike any class we've ever seen before. And we can't wait to give it a try for ourselves.

The rules of the Mimosa Jump-Off are simple: Ride your horse over a jump while holding a glass of mimosa in one hand. The competitor who spills the least amount of their drink wins the class. It's a grown-up version of the egg and spoon race, but it's a heck of a lot more fun for both competitors and spectators.

Take a look at the Mimosa Jump-Off below!

The jump-off in this video was part of the Arizona Sun Country Circuit, but we bet we'll start seeing this class in horse shows all over the country. Just think about it - what better way is there to take some of the pressure off and have a good laugh during a show?

This could be a refreshing break during a hot summer show, and you don't have to be a Grand Prix jumper to participate. And if competitors are allowed to finish off their drinks after the judging has been completed? Even better.

Bottoms up!

How do you think you would do in the Mimosa Jump-Off? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Mimosa Jump-Off: Have You Ever Tried to Drink a Mimosa While Jumping Your Horse?