The Latest Farm Animal Workout Is Chicken Yoga, But It's for a Good Reason

Posted by Daphne Cybele
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The latest in farm animal yoga makes for a relaxing and inspiring combination of gorgeous scenery, fresh air, and fluffy animals. Could you ask for more in an exercise class?

D.C. area yoga instructor Beth Wolfe has an introductory chicken yoga class at Whitehall Farms in Clifton, Virginia. If you are mentally picturing chickens trying to learn yoga, think again. Instead, human yoga students will stretch and pose around the Whitehall Farms' pasture-raised chicken pen and then students will meet and greet chickens after the class.

Wolfe also leads goat yoga sessions (surely you've heard of goat yoga?) and kitten and shelter pet yoga, and even drink-related yoga (Beer Asana, Yin & Gin, & Vino & Vinyasa classes).  

"Kitten yoga is about 80 percent kittens and 20 percent yoga," Wolfe told the Arlington Connection.

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Wolfe is well-known in the area for unique yoga experiences, as well as specializing in yoga to help people diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) or trauma. Yoga, she has found, can assist by reconnecting mind and body, as well as help survivors redevelop a positive relationship with their bodies. She's been featured in The Washington Post, On Tap Magazine, and Washingtonian Magazine.


Chicken yoga participants can show up early to soak up some farm atmosphere. Whitehall Farms is a 205-acre sustainable practices farm in Northern Virginia. The farm produces fruits, vegetables, eggs, hay, honey, grass-fed beef, and firewood and host agritourism events (such as this chicken yoga class). The farm also has pasture-raised chickens, cattle, and pigs. Check them out on Facebook

Follow Beth on Instagram  or Facebook to get updates on chicken yoga; here's her upcoming schedule.

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We don't know about you, but chicken yoga and any kind of yoga with pets and cute animals sounds awesome. Namaste! 

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The Latest Farm Animal Workout Is Chicken Yoga, But It's for a Good Reason