The Last of 331 Dogs Rescued in Hawaii Finally Finds Her Home

Posted by Amber King
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It's been almost a year since Penelope was rescued, and she's finally going home.

Last October, the Hawaiian Humane Society conducted one of its biggest rescues to date. Over 300 dogs were pulled out of Friends for Life animal shelter in Waianae, Hawaii where they were living in deplorable conditions. Animals were chained to collapsed shelters, crowded into wire kennels, and living among trash and feces.

Posted by Hawaiian Humane Society on Thursday, October 13, 2016

They were emaciated and suffered from a host of medical conditions, but the Hawaiian Humane Society brought every dog and puppy to their shelter. It took six months' worth of legal talk for the owners of Friends for Life to surrender the animals to the Humane Society, but when it finally happened, they wasted no time in finding forever homes.

The first of the Waianae rescue dogs were available for adoption in April, and an adoption event was held to help them find new homes. The community lined up for a chance to welcome the dogs into their families, and with each day, more of the original 331 were taken out of the shelter.

It's Senior Sunday and senior Willie doesn't let anything get him down. Despite not being able to see, this happy pup...

Posted by Hawaiian Humane Society on Sunday, May 7, 2017

There was Willy, who only has one eye, Sophie, who came to the shelter infested with ticks, and Pearl, who is completely blind. One by one they attracted the attention of special adopters, but there was one dog that stayed behind.

Penelope was quiet and somewhat anxious. At nine years old, she needed a home that would love and protect her, but person after person walked past her kennel. It took nine months of waiting, but Penelope finally walked out of the shelter for the last time.

8-year-old Penelope is a sweet senior looking for a quiet home. She gets along with most animals and would love to find...

Posted by Hawaiian Humane Society on Monday, July 24, 2017

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Gary Simon came to the shelter to adopt a dog, and he knew exactly who he wanted. He told KHON2:

"It's not fair for any animal to be bypassed day after day."

Simon walked right up to Penelope's kennel and knew she was the one for him. He spent two hours bonding with the timid pup at the shelter and decided to give her the life she deserved. Suzy Tam from the Hawaiian Humane Society said;

"The staff was so elated when we saw Penelope was going home. Everybody was rooting for her, so many of us were bonded to her."

Safe in her new home, Simon said Penelope was anxious at first, but she's grown comfortable in her new surroundings. She follows her adopter around the house, and together they're helping each other live better lives.

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The Last of 331 Dogs Rescued in Hawaii Finally Finds Her Home