Anti-Anxiety Medication for Dogs Now Available in the U.S.

Posted by Tori Holmes

Do the sounds of summer storms, fireworks, and rowdy parties leave your dog an anxious mess? This new medicine can help.

As many dog owners can attest, the loud noises of summer can be stressful for our canine companions. Between rolling thunderstorms, long weekend fireworks, and large outdoor gatherings, it is certainly a loud season.

While some dogs don't seem to mind the occasional loud noises, other dogs experience significant anxiety from them. It is dogs in this second category that may benefit from a new medicine called Sileo.

Designed specifically for dogs, Sileo acts fast but wears off within hours. On average, the drug starts working within 30 to 60 minutes and wears off within two to three hours. This time frame is ideal as it's fairly likely the source of your dog's anxiety is gone within three hours.

Unfortunately, current treatments for dogs with noise-related anxiety tend to include stressful behavioral regiments and human anti-anxiety pills, which sedate the dogs for many hours and may have side effects. With the introduction of Sileo, dog owners now have a new option for helping to calm their anxious pups.

Beagle Under The Bed

For owners worried about the struggle that comes with getting your already anxious dog a pill, Sileo is available in liquid form.

Using a needleless syringe, owners can eject the medicine between the gums and then check for absorption. And there's no confusion about how much to give; your pup will be prescribed a pre-deteremined amount based on their weight.

For those interested in Sileo, each syringe costs around $30 and contains enough medicine for about two doses for dogs between 80 and 100 pounds and four doses for those under 40 pounds.

With noise-related anxiety being a factor in some dog's arrival at a shelter, it is good to know an effective option is available.

For more information about Sileo, talk to your veterinarian!

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Anti-Anxiety Medication for Dogs Now Available in the U.S.