The Extreme Mustang Makeover Brings Wild Horses to Massachusetts

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Mustang makeover
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The Extreme Mustang Makeover brought a bit of the west to the east when it arrived in Springfield, Massachusetts this past weekend. 

Mustangs descended on West Springfield, Massachusetts as the Extreme Mustang Makeover rolled into town. The competition, which challenges trainers to gentle a mustang in 100 days, took place at the Eastern States Exposition Fairgrounds from June 15 through June 17.

Presented by the Western Horseman Gathering, the event drew equine enthusiasts, as well as those hoping to adopt a mustang of their very own at the end of the awards ceremony.

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The event culminated in the Adult Freestyle Finals, in which horse and rider had to demonstrate their competence in a set of maneuvers, and then were able to get truly creative in their freestyle performances. The top 10 finalists performed their freestyles on June 17, and there was plenty of variety.

The show began with the American flag being carried by, of course, a mustang.

horse with american flag

During the freestyles, horses and riders showed off all sorts of different skills. There was mounted archery.

equine archery

And there was a fun beach-themed freestyle.

extreme mustang makeover

mustang adoption

horse with beach balls

In between freestyles, other horses available for auction made an appearance in the ring.

cowboy and horse

Some riders took on jumping to show off their horses' skills for the competition.

extreme mustang makeover

The range of skills shown by both horses and riders was varied and impressive.

extreme mustang makeoverextreme mustang makeoverwild horse traininghorse agility

The winning freestyle of the night was performed by Emma Minteer and Ginger Snap. The freestyle was inspired by Disney's movie, "Frozen." 

Ginger Snap pulled a sled, then "herded" an Olaf balloon attached to a remote control car.

extreme mustang makeoverextreme mustang makeover

There were plenty of other fun freestyles. Some included costume changes, and showed off useful skills that the horses had learned, like roping.

extreme mustang makeover

One freestyle inspired by "Beauty and the Beast" included a bridleless demonstration.

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extreme mustang makeoverextreme mustang makeoverextreme mustang makeover

Emma Minteer and Ginger Snap ultimately took home first place, along with a $4,000 cash prize. Minteer then won Ginger Snap in the auction for $1,900.

extreme mustang makeover

After all of the prizes were awarded, the horses were auctioned off to good homes. Many of the trainers bid on and won the horses that they had spent the last three months working with.

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Twenty-seven horses were auctioned off to new homes to pre-approved bidders thanks to the Mustang Makeover event.

extreme mustang makeover

The Extreme Mustang Makeover horse training competition has gained such popularity that it's held all over the country including events in Fort Worth, Lexington, Reno, and Jacksonville.

Having such an event in Massachusetts is a great opportunity to bring a bit of the west to the east and to find caring homes for wild mustangs in the care of the Bureau of Land Management. To saddle train and halter break a wild mustang is no easy feat.

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The mustangs in the event were from California and Nevada, and now have homes on the east cost. The Makeover is an excellent way to promote the American Mustang, as well as to encourage trainers to work with these horses and to find adoptive homes for well-started mustangs.

Visit the Extreme Mustang Makeover website to see if there is national training competition coming near you!

Would you ever wanted to try training a mustang? Tell us in the comments below!

All images: Paige Cerulli Writing Services

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The Extreme Mustang Makeover Brings Wild Horses to Massachusetts