The Duties of Cats Defined

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Forget emotional support animal. Cats have other jobs they must attend to.

A cat can have many titles: pet, family member, friend. Felines are also great at providing stress relief and giving humans responsibilities. But cats have other job titles, too.

Like Gravity Checker, Redecorator, Letter Opener, and Restroom Attendant.

No matter how odd, intrusive or entertaining the job, cats wear their job titles with pride. They always have that look in their eyes like they are up to something, or they know everything.

Check out this video montage of cats playing various roles:

From Ghost Chaser to Photobomber, these cats do the work we are just too busy to do... or sometimes don't want them to do but the cats do it anyway.

If you ever need someone to inspect a box before you package it, call in the cat. If you're feeling unloved, you can rely on a feline to drop you a gift. In case you've got a bug infestation, worry no more-- the Cat Bug Police are on it.

What jobs around the house does your cat help out with? Drop us a comment on our Facebook page. We love to hear about the antics of our followers--and their pets.

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The Duties of Cats Defined