40 Baby Hamsters up for Adoption After Their 12 Mothers Were Rescued

Posted by Tori Holmes
collage of syrian hamsters

Calling all hamster lovers! The team at the RSPCA in Derby, England need your help.

After taking in 12 Syrian hamsters who were removed their home due to inadequate care, the RSPCA staff was shocked to find that all 12 hamsters were pregnant. Fast forward a few weeks and the Derby branch now has 40 baby hamsters looking for their forever homes.

While the staff have fallen in love with the adorable bundles of joy, animal care manager Lucy Bell has a message for the regions hamster lovers:

"We are appealing for anyone who would like to adopt an adult or baby to get in touch."

syrian hamster in a tube

If you do decide that you're interested in adding a hamster to your family, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Hamsters have a lifespan of up to two years and need a family that is willing to commit to their ongoing care during this time. That includes providing a large cage with a nesting box and different levels for climbing, supplying a healthy diet, veterinary care, and plenty of exercise and love.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Syrian hamsters are naturally solitary animals, meaning they are best housed alone.


To learn more about Syrian hamsters, click here. To contact the Derby RSPCA, you can visit their website.

What do you think about the influx of hamster babies? Let us know in the comments below. 

All images courtesy of RSPCA Derby.

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40 Baby Hamsters up for Adoption After Their 12 Mothers Were Rescued