Catspad Allows You to Care for Your Pet Remotely While Monitoring Their Health

Posted by Paige Cerulli
All images: Catspad via Kickstarter

Whether fighting obesity or helping your cat drink more water, the Catspad provides a unique solution for cat owners. 

Feline obesity is a widespread problem, particularly in indoor-only cats. It's hard to monitor just how much your cat eats and drinks over the course of a day, and if you have multiple cats in your home, that becomes even more of a challenge. But the Catspad could change all that.

The Catspad is a smart feeding system that can actually monitor how much each cat in your home eats and drinks each day. The system uses your cat's microchip or collar tag to tell which cat is eating at which time. Equipped with a scale, the system can tell how much food your cat eats by monitoring how much weight is removed. You can even set the system to feed meals on a set schedule so your cat doesn't have the ability to eat whenever and whatever he wants.

Catspad 3

What's even better is that the Catspad provides your cat with fresh, running water all day long. Cats are more likely to be interested in and drink running water than they are to drink stagnant water. The availability of running water can be a major factor in keeping your cat healthy, especially if your cat has suffered from dehydration or urinary issues in the past.

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Even when you're not home, you can still access the data from the Catspad via the smartphone app. You'll be able to monitor your cats whether you're at work, traveling, or on vacation.

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This feeding system could make an excellent addition to any home with cats, but it might be particularly valuable when you are monitoring your cat's health. Cats with weight issues, whether they are obese or need to gain weight, can be more carefully tracked. And if you have multiple cats, this feeding system can help to sort out which of your cats is eating what.

Currently the Catspad is up on Kickstarter, and is available for preorder. Be sure to also check out the official website for more information. This smart feeding system is just one example of the many ways that technology can help us to provide our pets with better care.

What do you think about the Catspad? Will you be donating to their Kickstarter? Let us know in the comments below!

All images: Catspad via Kickstarter

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Catspad Allows You to Care for Your Pet Remotely While Monitoring Their Health