"Lord of the Rings" Scratching Post and Litter Box Made for True Fans

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you are a true "Lord of the Rings" fan, then you may just have to make this awesome scratching post and litter box for your home. 

Own a cat? Love "Lord of the Rings"? Then we have the perfect scratching post and litter box for you. Tim Baker, top Hollywood prop builder, took on this project for a cat-owning "Lord of the Rings" fan. Along with a team of four, he built the litter box to look like a Hobbit hole, and the scratching post to look like the Eye of Sauron.

What's awesome about these items is the detail that goes into them. They're incredibly close to the locations that you see in the "Lord of the Rings" movies, but they're also completely functional, too. They are such works of art, you almost don't want to let your cats use them - almost.

Take a look at this incredible build.

I'm a huge fan of the scratching post, in particular. It has great height to it so that your cat can satisfy his natural instincts to climb and be up high. It also has multiple parts to it, making it more engaging than your traditional single post. Additionally, it's wrapped with textured material which will be attractive to any cat.

But who can ignore the incredible litter box, either? It looks like it might be a bit small inside for some larger cats - generally, cats don't like to be cramped when they're doing their business. However, the two cats in this video seem to like it just fine, and I love how conveniently the litter box can be removed from the cover for cleaning.

Have you ever tried to build anything for your cat? How did it turn out?

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"Lord of the Rings" Scratching Post and Litter Box Made for True Fans