If You Like Ponies and Beaches, You'll Love Assateague Island

Posted by Allie Layos

As beach season comes to a close, Assateague Island should be your final destination this year because #ponies.

Horse lovers beware: once you visit Assateague Island, you will never want to leave. Located off the eastern coast of Delmarva, the northern two-thirds of the island is in Maryland and the southern third is in Virginia, but travelers to both sides can enjoy hanging out with wild horses.

Technically the horses aren't wild but feral. Local folklore says they are the survivors of a shipwreck off the Virginia coast, but the more likely explanation is that they are descendants of horses that were brought to Assateague in the late 17th century by mainland owners to avoid the taxation of livestock.

The horses are split into two main herds (one on the Virginia side and one on the Maryland side), with a fence to divide them. The National Park Service manages the Maryland herd while the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company owns and manages the Virginia herd, which became famous due to author Marguerite Henry's popular children's book, "Misty of Chincoteague."

As this video shows, the horses are comfortable around people and often hang out with them on the beach, making the destination a true horse lover's paradise.

Let's face it: after Assateague, all other beaches look like way less fun.

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If You Like Ponies and Beaches, You'll Love Assateague Island