The 12 Best Cat Mugs for the Feline-Lover Coffee or Tea Drinker

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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Whether you drink tea or coffee, these 12 cat mugs will make the perfect addition to your kitchen cupboards.

There's nothing better than a relaxing morning with your cat as you sip your tea or coffee.

These adorable cat mugs are sure to be a big hit in any cat lover's home. Whether you want to jazz up your mug collection or are looking for the perfect gift for a cat loving friend, check out these great kitty mugs.

1. Tiger Cat Paw 9 Oz. Mug

Cat Paw mug

Garfield, anyone? Enjoy your coffee out of a giant cat paw each morning.

Get this mug for $14.75.

2. Urbe The Wizard Cat - Espresso Purronum HP Mug

Harry Potter Cat mug

Because there's nothing better than cats and Harry Potter, this mug combines them both.

Bring this mug into your kitchen for $14.29.

3. The Original Cat Beard Mug - Cute and Funny Glass Coffee Mug by Nacisse

See Through cat Mug

Have a little fun with this cat beard mug. The more you drink, the more you look like a cat.

Shop this funny cat mug for $13.97.

4. Gift Republic Cat in Space Mug, Multicolor

Cheeseburger cat mug

Cats in space, and cheeseburgers? Enough said. Drinking out of this is the way coffee lovers should start every day.

Grab this mug from Amazon for $11.99.

5. Teagas Cute Cat Mug 12 oz for Coffee Tea

cat Mug Set

This cute mug and spoon set means you'll have everything you need for your tea or coffee.

The set includes the black cat mug and spoon; it costs $11.99.

6. Mugtail Cat

Mug Tail

We love the minimalist style of this beautiful cat mug. This ceramic mug is microwave safe but better hand-washed.

This classy mug will run you $17.86.

7. Enesco 4026110 Our Name Is Mud by Lorrie Veasey Cat Hair Mug, 4-1/2-Inch

Cat Hair mug

This funny mug speaks the truth!

Get this kitschy, cat lover mug for $11.50

8. Society6 Cats! Mug

Cat Breeds mug

Represent your favorite kitty cat breeds with this adorable cartoon mug and channel your inner crazy cat lady.

This fun cat mug will cost you $15.00

9. P&B Leave Me Alone Talking to My Cat Ceramic Coffee Mugs 11 oz

Talking to My Cat mug

For days when you're feeling antisocial, this ceramic mug is the perfect choice.

Buy this funny coffee mug for $11.95.

10. Gift Republic GR400009 Animal Cat Mug, Multicolor


Simple, cute, and utterly adorable. What's not to love?

Give this mug a place at your kitchen table for $14.21.

11. Catfinated - Ceramic Cat Coffee Mug - Beverage or Tea Cup

Catfinated cat mug

Perfect for your morning dose of coffee, this mug will get you catfinated!

This cat mug costs $14.82

12. LOVE Cats Pawprint 24 oz Ceramic Stoneware Cappuccino Cup Mug

Love mug

Love. It sums it up perfectly.

Shop this high quality mug for $14.95.

There are tons of absolutely great cat mugs out there for yourself or that would make a great gift. And there is no better way to start or end the day than thinking about your cat with the help of a mug.

Which one is your favorite? Will you be adding any of these mugs to your cupboard? Tell us in the Facebook comments below.

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The 12 Best Cat Mugs for the Feline-Lover Coffee or Tea Drinker