Thanks to Cole and Marmalade We Now Know Why Cats Love Bathrooms

Posted by Paige Cerulli
cat in sink

It's no secret that cats love bathrooms, but thanks to Cole and Marmalade, we finally understand why.

When you have cats in your life, chances are you never get a moment alone in the bathroom anymore. Whether you're headed in to take a shower or brush your teeth, cats are absolutely fascinated with the bathroom and absolutely must be allowed in with you.

It turns out that bathrooms are mini feline gyms and workout spaces. From rope climbing to treadmills, bathrooms offer cats plenty of perks to keep them both fit and entertained. It's no wonder why cats love bathrooms!

Check out Marmalade's (of Cole and Marmalade fame) creative bathroom workout routine:

Bathrooms are full of great sights and sounds that captivate our cats. The floor is slick, making for some awesome sliding entrances. And the tub is capable of producing all sorts of fun sounds, making a cat sound more like a panther when they play. Awesome!

Plus there's running water, towels to hang off of, trash cans to pick through, and even a laundry hamper that's perfect for pounce attacks. Just be sure to secure or protect your toilet paper, since that's one of the most entertaining games ever for cats.


What is your cat's favorite thing to do in the bathroom? Tell us in the comments!

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Thanks to Cole and Marmalade We Now Know Why Cats Love Bathrooms