Thailand Street Dog Brought to United States to Be Adopted

Posted by Amber King
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Kanya was living on the streets when Good Samaritans gave her the chance she desperately needed.

With a diet consisting of whatever she could find in the trash or on the side of the road, Kanya and the rest of her litter were close to starvation. They were vulnerable to disease and at risk of being hit by fast cars on busy streets. To make it worse, the Philippine dog meat market kills half a million canines every year. It was only a matter of time until the puppies were picked up and sold for slaughter.

Kanya had little hope of ever reaching adulthood, and even if she did, her future was grim. Homeless dogs in the Philippines are often abused and left to die on the streets. Kanya's life was in danger, but a compassionate group of rescuers stepped in to change her story.

Good Samaritans rescued Kanya and her siblings from squalid conditions. They took them in, cared for them, and began looking for better options. They wanted Kanya to have the best chance at life, and they knew she wouldn't get that in the Philippines. They reached out for help, and thanks to generous donations from K9 Aid and LIFE Animal Rescue, her ticket to the United States was booked.

After a journey across the world and 17 hours in a small crate, Kanya finally had a new home. She was welcomed onto U.S. soil by a group of enthusiastic rescuers and was soon introduced to her new family.

The street dog who had little hope of making it past puppyhood is now clean, well-fed, and enjoying life. But Kanya's story is only one short chapter in the plight of homeless dogs everywhere. If you want to help a street dog like Kanya, support your local animal shelter and remember to adopt, not shop, when looking for your newest furry family member.

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Thailand Street Dog Brought to United States to Be Adopted