Text Message Helps Save Tiny, Forgotten Tripod Dog Living in a Shoebox

Posted by TF Oren

"Hello, just wondering if you could help this stray dog..." reads the beginning of the message sent to animal rescue organization Hope for Paws.

The text went on to explain that the stray was a three-legged female who'd been living on a porch for quite some time.

Rescuers from Hope for Paws wasted no time and headed to the scene to investigate. Sure enough, they arrived at the house to find a tiny, three-legged stray curled up on top of a shoe box.

The little dog didn't resist when they slipped the leash over her head. She seemed to know they were there to help.

They wrapped her in a blanket and named her Princess, a nod to a happier future. Hope for Paws rescuers rushed Princess to the vet, where she remained hospitalized for several weeks while she received treatment for severe anemia.

Thanks to the lifesaving efforts of Hope for Paws, Princess is now fully recovered and ready for her next chapter.

Click here to read more about Hope for Paws and help the organization save more dogs just like little Princess.

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