Texas Woman Makes It Her Life's Work to Save Abandoned Dogs and Cats

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A popular dumping ground for abandoned animals led one Fort Worth, Texas woman to start a rescue and get them on the path toward their forever homes. 

A chance encounter with an injured and abandoned Mastiff on a Texas service road in 2010 has led to hundreds more being saved, and one woman finding her life's work and passion.

Judy Obregon, of Fort Worth's Echo Lake Park neighborhood, rescued and rehabilitated that Mastiff, named Buddy, and didn't stop there.

Judy Obregon Rossell & Jada ( rescued from Echo Lake )

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As first reported by People, Obregon couldn't shake the idea that there might be more pets out there left to fend for themselves, and when she began to notice more and more popping up, she made it her mission to do something about it.

Starting at dawn, Obregon heads out in search of cats and dogs who have been dumped by their previous caretakers.

She and a team of dedicated volunteers then work to get these animals the medical care they need, before placing them in foster care as they await adoption from their forever families.

This is #EchoLake Ftw , Tx Two weeks ago this dog was walking towards the woods , a resident of Echo Lake who is part...

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Her efforts have led her to establish a rescue organization of her own, known as The Abandoned Ones. Whether she finds them alive or dead, the latter a heartbreaking reality of neglect and abandonment, she and her team honor these overlooked animals with the attention and respect every living thing deserves, allowing a second chance for the lucky survivors.

Look who is just growing ..our Future ❤He was on his way to take pictures with Santa paws ..Imagine , found dumped...

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Obregon knows as well as any rescuer that part of making an effort that will result in lasting change involves community outreach and education, by informing pet owners of low-cost spay and neuter programs, as well as repairing fences that may result in a loose dog.

He went from being chained to the shelter ( death row ) for URI and now free !! This little guy was rescued !! For...

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To date, she believes her efforts have resulted in around 300 rescues, and her work is nowhere near done. And goodness knows Judy stands behind her amazing cause:

"Every animal matters. I won't be going anywhere anytime soon until I can make a bigger impact."

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Texas Woman Makes It Her Life's Work to Save Abandoned Dogs and Cats