Pricey Hairless Dog Went Missing at Texas Dog Show, Reunited with Owner Safely

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Mexican xolo hairless dog missing

An expensive dog was on the loose after getting away from her owner while at a dog show in Texas. 

Losing a dog is any dog owner's worst nightmare, but losing an expensive dog who costs thousands of dollars while in a strange environment? It only makes the situation worse.

Unfortunately, that's what happened to dog handler Patty Schneider while in Midland, Texas for the West Texas Kennel Club Dog Show at the Horseshoe Arena.

Schneider was at the show to compete with her three Mexican Hairless Xolo dogs. While walking one dog named Izzy on Thursday night, the dog tripped Schneider. Schneider fell and let go of the leash, and Izzy ran off into the night.

Mexican Hairless Dog Xoloitzcuintli or Xolo

Schneider searched for Izzy for hours, crying herself to sleep that night. In 30 years of handling dogs, this is the first time that Schneider has ever lost one.

"I drove and drove and drove looking for her, calling her name. I'm upset and I'd like to have her back," Schneider said.

Izzy is just nine months old, but this rare, expensive dog is worth thousands of dollars. The Mexican Hairless Xolo is available in toy, miniature and standard varieties, and weighs between 10 and 50 pounds. This hairless dog was so scarce that it was near extinct in America in the 1960s, but dedicated breeders have revived the breed. The Xolo is highly intelligent, has high energy, and is a naturally sensitive dog.

Schneider's friend, Steven Calley, has been helping her to search for Izzy. And she's also received plenty of support from the other competitors at the dog show.

Luckily, two days later on February 20, Izzy was returned to her owner. She was found across the Interstate at a pumping company. Schneider was overjoyed and her friend Calley told Your Basin:

"It just shows you what a warm community we've got...Animal people are amazing individuals and they all take this just as serious as we do."

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Pricey Hairless Dog Went Missing at Texas Dog Show, Reunited with Owner Safely