Texas Veterinarian Fights to Keep License After Shooting a Cat

Posted by Stacey Venzel
All images via Tiger's Justice Team News via Facebook

Kristen Lindsey, DVM, could lose the right to practice veterinary medicine after publicly bragging about killing a tomcat with a bow and arrow.

The Texas Board of Veterinary Medicine is hosting a hearing in Austin this week for Brenham-based veterinarian Kristen Lindsey. One year ago in April 2015, Lindsey posted a Facebook photo of her holding an orange domestic cat with an arrow through his head. In the caption, the Washington Animal Clinic vet bragged:

"My first bow kill LOL. The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through its head! Vet of the year award ... gladly accepted."

The post quickly went viral with enraged animal rights activists calling for Lindsey's veterinary license to be revoked. She was promptly terminated from her position at the Texas clinic, where she worked for two years after graduating from Colorado State.


As news of the killing spread, a neighboring couple came forth claiming the deceased cat was not a stray, but rather their pet feline named Tiger. Since then, tributes have been made to Tiger the cat across the country in flowers, hashtags, and social media pages.

A Facebook page titled "Remembering Tiger" has gained more than 11,000 followers. More than 400,000 petition signatures have been garnered calling for Lindsey's license to be repealed.


In a tearful interview with KBTX News the morning after the incident, co-owner of Washington Animal Clinic and DVM Dr. Bruce Buenger said;

"We put our heart and soul into this place... and our goal is to do everything we can to make things right."

In June 2015, a Grand Jury in Austin did not indict Lindsay on charges of animal cruelty. A decision on whether or not her license will be revoked is anticipated before the start of the summer.


After multiple instances of self-contradiction by Lindsey during a deposition in February, a March hearing was postponed until this April. Lindsey had defended her killing previously by referring to the male feline as "likely rabid," but later commented that she did not think the cat had rabies.

Lindsey claims she has been unable to secure employment after being fired from her job, though she has been allowed to continue practicing veterinary medicine in the meantime.

All images via Tiger's Justice Team News via Facebook.

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Texas Veterinarian Fights to Keep License After Shooting a Cat