Texas Suspect Chase Ends with Help from Cow Herd

Posted by Mateja Lane

A man running from the police in Texas was found with the help of a herd of cows. 

Samuel White was pulled over for speeding last Thursday on FM 2818 in Brazos County. Police told him he was speeding and would be arrested when White took off in his vehicle, leading to a high-speed car chase.

White hit a car soon after, crashing into Ajitta Harwell.

"I guess he must have panicked and took off and just hit me head on."

White then took off by foot. Authorities lost the suspect in a field and were stuck scratching their heads until they noticed the cows around them all facing the same direction.


The cows in the field were all staring at something near them on the ground. That is when the officers saw White laying in the grass between the cows. White was arrested and the manhunt was over.

White had an outstanding warrant and is currently in custody.

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Texas Suspect Chase Ends with Help from Cow Herd