This Texas Shelter Dog Is Ready for All the Single Ladies

Posted by Krissy Howard
pit bull/basset hound mix
Image via Facebook

Meet the North Texas pit bull/basset hound mix with an adoption description that'll be sure to make you laugh. 

With millions of dogs living in the United States shelter system at any given time, searching for the perfect companion can be a heartbreaking and overwhelming endeavor.

One rescue organization, the Humane Society of North Texas, is bringing a little humor to the pet adoption process with a hilarious Facebook post "penned" by one of their own, a stocky mixed-breed named Benny.

"Ladies, your time has come. I'm serious - stop reading and come to the shelter right away, because I am the best thing that could ever happen to you..."

The Facebook post goes on to compare Benny to the fine little joys of life - the perfect gym selfie, a fall-ready latte, and even a basket full of kittens, all of which take a back seat to Benny.

Ladies, your time has come. I'm serious- stop reading and come to the shelter right away, because I am the best thing...

Posted by Humane Society of North Texas on Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Those in charge of social media for the rescue organization are no strangers to creative posting, as evidenced by their robust Instagram page, which features hundreds of pets in need of their forever homes in costumes, making funny faces, and accompanied by lighthearted descriptions.

Some animal shelters have measured an increase in visitors and adoption rates after implementing a more involved and skilled level of presentation, which includes higher quality photos, personalized descriptions, and other creative ways of introducing these special pals to their potential new families.

This photographer, for example, dressed up dogs as humans and gave them personalized headshots in an effort to increase adoption rates at a county shelter in Arkansas.

To learn more about Benny and other adoptable pets, visit the Humane Society of North Texas adoption page.

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