Texas Rescue Dog Has Lopsided Face and Is Looking for a Home

Posted by Krissy Howard
odd dog face
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A stray mama dog with a unique face is searching for her forever home. 

This stray mama was found running the streets of Fort Worth, Texas with a tiny pup of her own in tow. Known as Sid, this mama is clearly a survivor - and she has the scars to prove it.

One half of Sid's face had become paralyzed after sustaining a traumatic injury no one will ever fully know the details of. The atrophied muscles have caused Sid's face to take on a lopsided look, leaving her with a perpetual smile to match her upbeat personality, despite all that she's been through.

odd face dog

"She gets along great with other dogs. She also enjoys the company of people," Animal Hope director Benjamin Morris said in an interview with The Dodo. "Her favorite activity is eating. She LOVES to eat."

Finally able to relax for the first time in who knows how long, Sid also enjoys pets and cuddles from rescue staff and volunteers as well as caring for the young pup that came in with her.

odd face dog

In addition to her facial injuries, Sid was discovered to be deaf as well, which makes placing this special needs beauty in the right home all the more important.

"People often come into our shelter looking for specific types of dogs, but dogs are companions...they're not handbags and they're not shoes," Morris said. "The way that a dog looks is for us, not for them. What matters is what they are like, not what they look like."

Morris offers this suggestion for anyone looking to add a companion to their family.

"If more people would walk into shelters and ask the shelter staff which dogs are their favorites rather than asking for specific breeds, they would have much better adoption experiences."

Would you adopt this strong mama? Let us know in the comments below!

All photos from Animal Hope/Facebook.

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Texas Rescue Dog Has Lopsided Face and Is Looking for a Home